Saturday, February 20, 2010

Man Walking Dog Gets Electrical Shock

A Queens’s man says he feels lucky to be alive after he says he was nearly electrocuted while walking his dog on a sidewalk in Far Rockaway.
According to 52-year-old James Evans, he was walking his pit bull Max along Cornaga Avenue at around 2 p.m. when he felt he was being electrocuted.
"I'm walking down the sidewalk and we just went shzhzhzzz," he said.
After a few seconds, Evans said he couldn't move and the dog began to yelp. The 3-year-old pup managed to break free of the electrical current and dragged his owner to safety.
"The dog is screaming and he drags me across the street and it's a good thing I was holding the chain or I would have been staying there dead," he said.
Max, a trained guard dog who is normally aggressive around strangers, was still shaking an hour after the incident. Evans says the dog suffered burns to his paws and the shock actually changed his color.
"His skin is burnt, he's burnt all over," he said. Evans claims his dog used to be black not brown.
EMS responded to the incident and treated Evans for his injuries. Emergency personnel intended to transport Evans to Peninsula Hospital Center, however the Queens man declined the ride after medical personnel said they couldn't let Max board the ambulance.
Evans, who later admitted himself to the hospital, said he wasn't going to abandon his four-legged friend who just saved his life.
The Long Island Power Authority shut down power to a church along Cornaga Avenue after the incident was reported. The utility believes faulty wiring within the building caused the problem.
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Bob S. said...

"I hope they charged him for the power he used"

The Man said...

"shocking news story"

John Lindauer said...

"75 kilowatt hours in three seconds! $342.65!"

Jerome Hermoso said...

hahahah nice one.