Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Man drives car while 'walking' dog

A County Durham man Paul Railton, 23, of Annfield Plain caught walking his lurcher through the window of his moving car has lost his license.
Railton, admitted breaching two counts of the Road Traffic Act, at Consett Magistrates Court on Monday. In mitigation, his solicitor, Paul Donoghue, said: "He accepts it was a silly thing to do, just out of pure laziness."


fd l. said...

"Yes, lost his license. Now, he's lost two things. He already had lost his mind."

Paulin Soleyman said...

"This is an excellent, and hilarious, example of why the U.S. has such an obesity problem."

Kate L. said...

"Yes Paulin, because everyone in America does this (hope you caught the sarcasm)"

kris rate said...

"what happens when there is an upcoming traffic?"