Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Workmen fill in pothole with remains of rabbit carcass

Workmen tarred over a dead rabbit as they filled in a hole in the road. Carl Garnham, 41, was shocked to find a newly-repaired pothole with the rabbit’s body sticking out from under the patch.
He said: “I was out with a friend heading to the Strines pub when we parked to admire the view – and saw the pothole.
“At the time we laughed a little about it and thought that the workers who had filled in the hole had maybe a strange sense of humor or perhaps were running out of patching tar. God forbid they start filling potholes in with cats and dogs!
“It is all very funny but what about the damage to the car suspensions because of poor road maintenance. Do they need qualifications to fill these potholes?”

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