Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art student wins $500.00 for Scotch tape sculpture

University of North Florida sophomore Cameron Nunez was a winner in the second annual Scotch Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest, sponsored by 3M, the company that makes Scotch tape and Post-it notes.
Nunez was both a runner-up in the overall contest, decided by a panel of artists, and the winner of the "People's Choice" award for the sculpture with the most online votes — 1,384.
His entry, called "Sing and Scream Along," depicts a life-sized people at a mosh-pit concert.
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How did he do it?
Nunez wrapped tape, sticky side up, around body parts. Using surgical scissors to cut the cast off, he then wrapped more layers — this time sticky side down.
Nunez won $500 — and a supply of Scotch tape.
A contest rule stipulates 90% or more of your sculpture must be made from Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Premium or High Performance Packaging Tape.

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