Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cops in the News

Cop accused of sex with prostitute in squad car
Detroit Police are investigating allegations that an on-duty officer had sex in his squad car with a prostitute, officials said Friday.
Details were scarce, but police said internal affairs investigators are looking into the allegations that the officer engaged in sex acts with the prostitute in his police cruiser two weeks ago while it was parked somewhere in the Northeastern District. The officer is assigned to the department's Western District, police said.
The officer was on duty when other officers approached the car and found him engaged in sexual activity, police said.
"Right now the officer is suspended with pay," said Officer Dan Donakowski, a police department spokesperson. "It is under investigation."
The Board of Police Commissioners, which has civilian oversight over officers, is aware of the allegations.
The Rev. Jerome Warfield, the police commission's chairman, said a cop having sex with a prostitute "certainly could lead to termination."
Police spokesperson Sgt. Eren Stephens said Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. will seek to have the officer's pay suspended while the issue is investigated.
Police dog 'Fired' after biting jogger
Authorities in Stamford say one of their police dogs has been demoted to house pet after attacking a jogger near its handler's home in Greenwich this week.
The 52-year-old woman required 30 stitches after the incident Monday night, and the German shepherd named McGee has been placed on 14-day quarantine.
Stamford police also apologized to the jogger and took McGee off the job permanently.
Police say a sergeant was putting McGee into his cruiser when the dog ran after the passing jogger and bit her leg, arm and wrist. The sergeant pulled the dog off the woman, whose injuries were not life-threatening.
Stamford Police Chief Robert Nivakoff said McGee also had previously nipped a delivery worker at the sergeant's home, although no formal complaints were filed in that case.
Officer asleep at the wheel
Cedar Rapids Iowa Police are investigating a photograph obtained by an anti-tax activist that appears to show an officer sleeping in his squad car.
Tim Pugh, who helped organize opposition to a sales tax referendum last week, said he was forwarded the photograph by a friend. Pugh said the photo was taken on the city's southwest side by another individual who wishes to remain anonymous because he fears retaliation.
Pugh e-mailed the photograph to police and media outlets, complaining about what he called a waste of tax dollars.
Sgt. Cristy Hamblin says the investigation so far has not yet been able to determine whether the photo is authentic. She says investigators are trying to determine whether an officer was involved and should face any discipline.

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The Man said...

Police dog 'Fired' after biting jogger
If it was a private dog and viciously bit someone, the law would require it to be put down and the owner would face a fine and loss of dog.