Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally $100 Million to Be Split Between Descendants

More than 90 years after a Saginaw lumber baron's death, his family members are finally getting their share of his money.
Wellington R. Burt died in 1919 as one of the wealthiest men in Michigan and the U.S. Since then, there has been an ongoing dispute over how his roughly $100 million estate will be divided up. This year, the courts helped make a final decision.
In the early 1900s, lumber baron Wellington Burt wrote his will. It's been at the Saginaw County Courthouse since his death. In the will Burt spelled out that it would be years before his fortune was handed out.
In fact, Burt, who is buried in Saginaw's Forest Lawn Cemetery, decided it wouldn't be until 21 years after his last surviving grandchild's death that the money would be distributed.
That woman died in 1989. Soon 12 heirs will get their share of that money. Most don't even live in Michigan anymore.

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