Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man gets hand caught in gas fill tube
A Fond du Lac man got his hand stuck in a car's gas tank after he reached in to try to retrieve a Snicker's candy bar he saw inside. Firefighters freed 20-year-old Earr Stokes on Tuesday afternoon.
Capt. Tony Knecht says firefighters cut the filler pipe, and then accessed the backside of the gas tank opening to release Stokes' fingers. Once he was free, emergency personnel helped take the pipe off his hand. Officials stood by with a hose during the cutting in case there were sparks.
Stokes' cousin, Tyrone Williams, says Stokes happened to look into the gas tank and saw the candy bar. He says someone had removed it from the wrapper and jammed it into the gas tank.
Man uses fake money to get fake pot
Police say a western Pennsylvania stole a kind of "fake" marijuana while using a fake $1 million bill.
Police in Sharpsville charged 23-year-old Joseph Lombardi with trying to "purchase" a bag of herbal potpourri called "Space Cadet Flight Risk" using the bogus bill at a Food Mart store.
The substance is sold as incense but mimics the effect of marijuana when smoked, which is why the ersatz pot is included in a bill outlawing such substances that Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law last week. The ban takes effect in August.
Police have charged Lombardi with theft by deception and retail theft because they say he took the herbs and ran after putting the bogus bill on the counter.
Man put genitals in money bag
Authorities in South Carolina said they arrested a man who was allegedly caught by a store clerk with his private parts in a money deposit bag.
The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office said a clerk at the Hot Spot store in Spartanburg told deputies the man, identified as Alan Ray Walker, 47, of Cowpens entered the store and headed for the restroom.
The clerk said she saw the man exit the store's office about 15 minutes later with his pants on the floor and his penis inside a plastic money deposit bag. She said the man left after an argument and handed the bag to another clerk on his way out.
The sheriff's office said a deputy found Walker in his truck and he was found to be in possession of a substance that tested positive for cocaine along with a glass pipe, a .25-caliber handgun and $4,200 cash.
Landlord set tenant's boxers on fire
Police in Florida said a landlord upset about being owed rent set his tenant's boxer shorts on fire while he was still wearing them.
Investigators said Jonathan Steinberg, 58, of Boynton, argued with Ronald Rohde, 52, who lives in his house, about rent money Steinberg claims he is owed.
Police said Rohde asked Steinberg to leave his room and the landlord left and returned with rubbing alcohol and a screwdriver. Steinberg allegedly cut Rohde on the back with a screwdriver and struggled with him while a 46-year-old woman who also lives in the house attempted to break up the fight.
Steinberg then splashed Rohde with the rubbing alcohol and set the tenant's boxer shorts on fire.
Teens call cops on pot-smoking dad
Police say a 44-year-old dad has been arrested after his teenage kids told police he was smoking too much pot.
Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Scott Peck tells the Deseret News that the man's 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter turned him in because they thought his residence always smelled funny and they didn't like him drinking and smoking marijuana.
Police say the daughter called police to turn him in, then talked with officers outside the home. As they were talking, the dad sent her a text message asking her to come back inside. The officers had her send a reply to ask him to come outside. When he did, he was arrested.

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