Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

You can run but you can’t hide from the police
Police say they found a man who stole 10 pistols and six rifles from a Jacksonville gun store in the trash bin behind a Taco Bell.When officers responded to a burglary at Shooters of Jacksonville early Sunday, they reported seeing a Ford Mustang pull away from the business quickly with its lights off. The Mustang eventually pulled into the Taco Bell parking lot where it crashed into a pole. A security guard saw the driver jump into a trash bin behind the restaurant, where police eventually caught the man.
Castration for Sex Criminals
Sex offenders facing indefinite jail terms could be released if they agreed to chemical castration under reforms to controversial laws aimed at keeping dangerous prisoners behind bars.
12-year-old girl, Charged With Distributing Nude Pic of Classmate
Westport girl has been charged with distributing a nude photo of a classmate to fellow students.
The investigation began on May 12 when the incident was reported to Westport police after word circulated throughout Coleytown Middle School that a nude snapshot was taken during a video chat and distributed to others.
The girl is being referred to Juvenile Court in Norwalk on a charge of second-degree breach of peace, which involves the distribution of offensive and indecent material. Her name is not being released because of her age.
"In light of how sensitive this case is for all the families involved, I don't feel it's appropriate to comment at this time," said Mark Sherman, an attorney for the girl.
The arrest comes amid growing worries among parents about teenagers snapping naked pictures of themselves on their cell phones and sending them to their boyfriends and girlfriends. Many of the pictures are falling into the wrong hands or being posted on the Internet, leading to criminal charges.
Worker stops burglary with cell phone
A Jacksonville, Fla., bike store employee said he pretended his cell phone was a gun to threaten a burglary suspect and then sat on the man until help arrived.
The Purcell's Motorcycle and Marine World employee said he spotted the suspect, identified by police as Hector Ivan Arroyo-Medina, attempting to drag a dirt bike through a hole that had been cut in the business' fence about 4 a.m. Tuesday.
The worker said he pointed his cell phone at the suspect.
"The low battery beeps a red light, and when I saw it I was thinking of one of those tazers. So, I got close to him and said, 'Freeze or I'll shoot you,'" the employee said.
He said he ordered the suspect to lie on the ground in the middle of the road and the employee sat on him until they were spotted by a Jacksonville Fire-Rescue vehicle.
"The firemen asked me because (the suspect) said I had a weapon and I had him pretty scared and they asked, 'Where is your weapon?' And I said, 'It's just a cell phone,' and they all started laughing. You could tell he was not very happy that a cell phone ended his reign," the employee said.
Dumb & Dumber
Jail escape attempt ends in police chief's office
An escape attempt from the Alton city jail ended when one inmate crashed through the ceiling and into the police chief's unoccupied office.
Two inmates accused of escape were held Monday night in the Hidalgo County Jail on bond totaling $105,000.
Police say the pair tried to flee through the air conditioning system around 3 a.m. Saturday, but a dispatcher monitoring security video noticed them.
Alton Police Chief Baldemar Flores said that the vent is small. The second inmate was trying to get into the vent, police said.
Jesus Albert Suarez Chavez, 17, and Roman Orozco Martinez, 22, are charged with burglary of a vehicle, evading arrest, resisting arrest, assault on a public servant and making a terrorist threat.
Thieves steal electronics from fast moving truck
Six Romanians have been arrested on allegations they stole mobile phones and laptops from the back of a tractor-trailer as they followed it down a German autobahn at 60 miles per hour, Dortmund police said Tuesday.
"It was an extremely dangerous stunt - like an action film," said Manfred Radecke, a spokesman for Dortmund police.
Officers, having been tipped off about the gang's tactics, were able to stake out an area and watch the thieves in action last week, Radecke said.
In the nighttime darkness, with their lights off, the men drove up behind a transport truck.
Once in place, one man climbed onto the hood of his own car, then used a bolt cutter to break a lock on the trailer door before heaving it open and climbing inside. He then handed boxes of electronics back to a second man on the car hood, who loaded them into the thieves' vehicle, Radecke said.
A second car blocked the left lane during the operation to prevent other cars from pulling too close, he said.
Because both cars had their headlights off, Radecke said, the truck driver never noticed he was being robbed.
Having Embarrassing Conditions
Incontinence is a major problem for 3 million English people. This embarrassing ailment is the inability to control urine elimination, which causes sufferers to accidentally pass urine. People of any gender or age can experience urinary incontinence, although the condition affects many more women than guys. In addition to this, it is more common in older people, particularly the 40 and over. This would suck big time.
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Sally lay for about 45 minutes dying after Damien Allen shot her, just 3 feet from her family's front door. A .40 caliber slug is an extremely powerful and destructive round. It can kill a deer at short distances. (Sally left behind 9 puppies)
Mad Izatie said...
Why the hell would anyone want to shoot a dog for no reason?
Cruel bastard! Why are people so damn mean?

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Mad Izatie said...

Why the hell would anyone want to shoot a dog for no reason? Cruel bastard! Why are people so damn mean?