Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mysterious “Penistrator” Caught

Criminal Penistrator Haley Joel Osment was caught in the act of drawing penises on snowy cars.
Over the last couple weeks, East Village residents wrung their hands over the mysterious Penistrator, who has been furtively drawing inappropriate body parts on snowy cars.
Under further analysis, we can see that the shape of the fresh phallus under Osment’s snowy finger looks quite a bit like the one in the second photo from EV Grieve. But the third photo shows a decidedly different artistic interpretation. Could there be multiple Penistrators at work? Or maybe Osment is just exercising creativity?
Theories and criticism of length/girth/etc are welcome in the comments.

At least he was nice enough to compliment the guy’s car (Dick Head)
Scheme Factory said...
What? Those cars are covered with cleavage and breasts!
Well, they say we see what we want to see...
Lisa said...
That's so funny!
I thought I was the only one who likes drawing penises on snowy cars!
Lisa you naughty girl. LOL

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