Thursday, January 29, 2009

You know it’s cold when you can do this:

A 60-ton house moves across a stretch of White Bear Lake from Manitou Island to land in Minnesota on Wednesday.
Terry Semple of Semple Building Movers of St. Paul, didn't take the weather for granted. Last weekend, they pumped water onto the ice to make it thicker. Kraemer calculated that the lake level was 2 feet below normal, and said tests showed that the ice sat on about a foot of water and muck. And Denice Semple, Terry's wife, said the company hired an engineer who advised how to distribute the weight enough to keep the house from crashing through.
Randy Larson of White Bear Lake joked that it was the biggest ice house he ever saw.

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Yasirali said...

Everytime I move house, or change ISP's something doesn't go right, why is it so hard to connect phones and adsl, after all these years, you'd think they would have worked it out.

Usually it's some idiot on the phone who tells me to do something, that turns out to be incorrect, or just gives wrong information. (i've churned, had new connections, or moved houe 5 times now).

All this may be be forgiven, it was years ago, adsl was new. The companies new.

But now, today, it's still not right.

I call iinet 4 weeks ago to tell them I was moving and needed phone connected and adsl transfered. Moving in on the 5th jan.

After the initial "oh right, errr.... yeah.... hmmm... let me see", obviously with not much idea on the process of moving house.