Friday, February 27, 2009

Is Pro Wrestling Real or Fake?

Flying thru the air with the greatest of ease a wrestler flies head first into the barricade.

Scheme Factory said...
Is wrestling fake?! Seriously?!
How do you FAKE entertainment?
Dalton J. Fox said...
Oh shit! That looked painful.
The other dude was obviously supposed to catch him and break his fall.
That's why wrestling is so dangerous.
Sure, they're supposed to try to protect each other and keep anybody from being hurt, but the slightest misstep by you or your opponent can result in one or both of you getting injured badly.
Tattoo Jim said...
Who really cares??? If you enjoy it then watch it. If not then turn the channel. Kind of like paying for sex. Did she really have an orgasm??? Who cares!!! I enjoyed it!!!

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