Sunday, February 1, 2009

Man saws off his left hand

A carpenter chopped his hand off with a saw in an horrific accident — then picked it up and took it to hospital for doctors to stitch back on.
Jeremy Lonergan’s shocked workmates nearly fainted when they saw him holding his severed left hand in his right.
They tied a shirt round his wrist which was gushing blood and put the hand in a plastic bag, which Jeremy kept on his lap in the ambulance.
Surgeons stitched the hand back on in a 12-hour operation, but two of the fingers could not be saved.
Jeremy, 34, of Ossett, West Yorkshire, can now pick up items with his thumb and forefinger.
He was using a blade saw as he helped to build a new house at the time of the accident. He said: "I feel like a dumb ass chopping off my hand — but I also feel very lucky now it’s back on."

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