Sunday, March 22, 2009

5th grade kids take field trip to boys' bathroom

Nothing silly happened this week when an entire fifth-grade class in Mill Valley boldly went into the boys' bathroom.
The entire fifth-grade class, which includes those persons known as girls it was, after all, an official school field trip.
"I'm OK with this," said Chessy MacDonald. "It's just a bathroom."
They was accompanied by the best in the business, veteran Mill Valley plumber Stanley Searles, who had dropped by Room 2 at Park Elementary School carrying a genuine toilet tank for his fourth annual classroom visit to explain how toilets work.
And then it was time for the official field trip to the boys' bathroom. The class lined up and marched silently down the hall, the gravity of the situation bearing down on them. Some brought pencils, to take notes.
There was no giggling, because Room 2 is above all that and, besides, Mr. Martini's class is located next to the bathroom and Mr. Martini does not cotton to gigglers.
"Gather round," said Searles, opening the door to the stall and giving the toilet a flush. One boy noted that Mill Valley water swirls clockwise - which water only does in the Northern Hemisphere - but that it didn't really have anything to do with the actual operation of a toilet.
On the way out, the girls contemplated, some for the first time, that porcelain device found only in boys' and men's rooms. Some were jealous that boys get something in their bathrooms that girls don't get in theirs. Some rose above it.
"I'm OK with urinals," said Chessy. "It's just another kind of toilet. It makes things easier for boys, and boys need all the help they can get."


Tattoo Jim said...

Yes we do... especially as we get older!

The Man said...

Telling No Lies are we.