Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Mom accused of beating up son's principal
A Rhode Island woman is accused of punching and biting her 11-year-old son’s school principal after she was told the boy was being suspended.
Police say 30-year-old Aleyda Uceta also bit an officer trying to arrest her after Friday’s incident at Roger Williams Middle School in Providence.
She is charged with assault on school officials, assault on police officers and resisting arrest.
Police say Uceta punched Principal Rudolph Moseley Jr. in the face and bit his left arm after he told her that her son would be suspended for three days for refusing to go to a room for misbehaving students.
Dog eats $400 in cash
A North Carolina family are attempting to retrieve $400 of cash swallowed by their dog.
Kelley Davis’ greater Swiss mountain dog, Augie, swallowed $400 cash she had left on her dresser table at home.
Since then Kelley, 42, and her family have been monitoring the dog’s toilet habits closely in order to retrieve as much of the lost money as possible.
A suitable time after swallowing the cash Kelley took Augie for a walk and in his droppings she found the remains of three $100 bills and five $20 notes.
She said: "I grabbed the garden hose and shouted ‘kids, get the colander’ – I’m out there panning for gold."
Davis has so far retrieved remnants of $160, which she is hoping to exchange for new bills.
US federal rules state a note can be replaced if more than 50 percent of a bill is identifiable.
Dog Poops Out Money

Nude teen with dog assaults woman
Police say a naked 14-year-old boy taking a walk with a large white poodle has assaulted a woman in Michigan.
Sheriff’s Lt. Craig Mast says the boy walked away from a behavioral treatment facility Monday. He was strolling unclothed in Hart Township with the dog when he encountered a 53-year-old woman in her yard.
Mast says, "The young naked man approached her with this poodle, and she immediately realized something peculiar."
They spoke briefly. When the woman took out a cell phone to call for help, the boy pushed her and fled with the phone, which he later broke in half.
Deputies found the boy and was charged in juvenile court with strong-arm robbery and assault.
Clorox offers reward to wipe out 'toilet torcher'
The Clorox Company is offering a US$5,000 reward and a year's supply of cleaning products for tips leading to the arrest of San Francisco's notorious portable potty pyromaniac.
The Oakland, Calif.-based chemical company says it plans to deploy a "potty patrol" team in the city Tuesday to make residents aware of its offer.
Since November, more than two dozen construction site toilets have been set on fire in the city, causing an estimated $50,000 in property damage and leaving a trail of foul-smelling evidence.
Woman Accused Of Breast-feeding Baby While Drunk
A Lee County woman was arrested after police said she was feeding her infant while intoxicated.
Police said it started when Renee Vanalsburg punched her half-sister in the face. When officers arrived, they said Vanalsburg was breastfeeding her baby and was clearly drunk and high.
The baby's father, Marc Rush, was also arrested after police found a bottle of oxycodone and a tin with white powder in the baby's crib.
Police said broken glass, ant killer, spray paint and knives were scattered on floor of the baby's room. The baby was in protective custody Friday night.

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Tattoo Jim said...

Lets see if I got this straight:
A mom beats up her sons principal-check: a dog eats $400-check: nude 14 y.o.b. with a poodle assaults a woman-check: Clorox offers a reward to stop a pyro-check: and some drunk, fucked up woman is breast feeding her kid-check. Yep, WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH!!! STILL WANT TO SEE OUR LEADER?