Saturday, March 14, 2009

MRI with built-in water bong

Smoking during a brain scan is not easy. Why would you want to? Because functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) allows researchers to observe activity in the brain, and doing so while smoking tobacco or pot could enhance our understanding of addiction and how to treat it.
But during an MRI, the head must remain completely still. In the narrow bore of a superconducting magnet, there isn't much room to maneuver a cigarette or eat a pot brownie either. So Blaise Frederick at Harvard Medical School built a device that delivers smoke into the narrow confines of a scanner.
Displaying skills that would put MacGyver to shame, Frederick constructed a makeshift water pipe inside of a picnic cooler, then ran 2.4 meters of tubing to a plastic facemask that rests inside of the scanner. Since the mask is made from materials that are not magnetic, it will not interfere with the imaging.


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