Saturday, April 25, 2009

Doctors remove 40-pound, malignant tumor from a woman

The tumor was so big it was half the size of its victim!

German doctors say they have successfully removed an 40-pound malignant bone tumor from a Saudi Arabian woman.
Berlin surgeon Heinz Zurbruegg says the 35-year-old had only a few weeks to live when she arrived in Germany for care in September. But he says that after five operations no traces remain of the huge tumor that once ballooned from her pelvis.
It accounted for about a third of her then total body weight of around 120 pounds.
Surgeons say the woman, who now weighs 82 pounds, is well enough to return home.
If follow-up exams show no sign of any tumor, the next step will be to reconstruct the partially removed pelvis and give her an artificial hip.


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Tattoo Jim said...

A Saudi Arabian woman's pelvic tumor... isn't that what Osama is????