Saturday, April 25, 2009

Embarrassed by Skid Marks? Not Anymore!

Rob Libfeld, a medical student at the University of Massachusetts, invented these durable boxers, after noting how embarrassed patients get during long hospital stays when their skivvies turns foul.
Libfeld says, "The main problem is all-white underwear. Let's face it, the stains really stand out."
Libfeld's solution is really quite elegant, if not low-tech. He's designed two-toned undies that are yellow in front, brown in back, so if you have an accident, it won't stand out, and you won't feel as bad.
While this invention might not land this med student a plumb job at the Mayo Clinic, it's one way for any doctor or hospital visitor to show some bedside humor. "Also," he says, "It's a great Father's Day gift."
And at $12.99, it'll save you a ton of embarrassment.

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How about the stench