Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rusty bombs lay under family's home for 20 years

A Chinese family has discovered it has been living above a stockpile of 38 rusting bombs for the last 20 years.
The family, who live in Malipo town, had long wondered why magnets were so strongly attracted to an area under their hallway, reports the Chuncheng Evening Post.
Wang Hexiong said his father first discovered the phenomenon and declared the area holy as he believed the family's ancestors lay beneath.
"My father once dropped a magnetic ball onto the ground, and it stopped completely when it rolled to the center of the hall," he said.
"He stopped any of us from walking through this holy square in the house to avoid disturbing our ancestors."
But the family finally told their secret to a visiting police officer who had demanded to know why they refused to let him walk through the hallway.
A police team dug underneath the floor of the house - and found 38 rusted bombs which are believed to date back to the Second World War.
Wang added: "The family feel really lucky because we have been living on top of an arsenal of bombs for all these years and nobody has been hurt."

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Tattoo Jim said...

That is too strange... sounds like something that would happen in the U.S.