Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sex Line Snafu

White House Sex Line
Journalists ringing in to a White House conference call with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently found themselves connected to a sex line.
The reporters were expecting to hear Mrs Clinton and National Security Adviser Jim Jones on the other end of the phone discussing foreign policy and security threats.
Instead they were greeted by a woman's voice asking: "Do you have any hidden desires?
"If you feel like getting nasty, then you came to the right place," the recorded message continued.
Asked about how the mistake had been made, White House spokesman Thomas Vietor said: "Lots of important issues to cover today!"
He went on: "I haven't dialed whatever number you're referencing. Please call such numbers on your free time!"
The White House has since blamed the bungle on an aide who apparently mistyped the US 800 free number.
It is a new administration but an old problem.
Cereal box typo sends callers to phone sex line
An Oregon company has ordered new packaging for its Peace Cereal after a typo on the box sent callers to a phone sex line instead of the cereal maker's 800 number. Instead of reaching Golden Temple of Oregon, callers were greeted by a recorded voice asking, "Do you love sex? ... Isn't that why you called?"
Spokeswoman Elissa Brown said Eugene, Ore.-based Golden Temple ordered new packaging when the mistake was discovered in December and new boxes have been shipping out for weeks.
However, 13 varieties of the cereal were on shelves Wednesday at one Halfway, Md., grocery store, including seven varieties in boxes bearing the incorrect telephone number.

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Tattoo Jim said...

Sex and Clinton in the same sentence... go figure!