Monday, July 27, 2009

Anti-Shrinkage Bathing suit for Men

Padded Swimsuit 'Rooster Booster' Guards Against Post-Pool Shriveling
Remember that episode of Seinfeld when a girl walks in on George Costanza as he's changing out of his swimsuit and she laughs because he's suffered "shrinkage"?
That age-old problem of guys worrying about their manhood looking diminished after taking a swim might be solved. Meet the "Rooster Booster" -- a $25 lycra bathing suit with a pocket in the crotch.
In the pocket, you insert a breathable foam padding. The manufacturer claims it not only guards against post-pool shriveling, it also keeps a man warm in a spot where he never wants to feel ice cold.

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Carney said...

LOL, here's a novel idea :)