Friday, July 24, 2009

Policeman Trying To Cut Off Wheel Clamp!

The extraordinary saga began on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 15 when a scenes-of-crimes officer in a unmarked police silver Peugeot 206 arrived at Eureka Place, Trinity Road, to follow up an investigation. The plain clothes woman officer left the car near the Pheasant pub, but it was outside the marked bays despite signs forbidding this and warning of 24-hour clamping and £200 charges.
PCS workers immobilized the car and when this was discovered uniformed officers were called in to help. The company says officers phoned them and told them to immediately free the car. When PCS refused, a uniformed policeman set about trying to open the clamp with a pair of bolt croppers. The police say they are taking action against PCS.
Chief Inspector John Frayne said in a statement: "The company refused to remove the clamp and subsequently the vehicle was recovered to Ashford police station. The clamping company have since removed the clamp and the matter is subject to legal proceedings."

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Anon Y. Mous said...

That's probably the same clamping company that booted funeral cars as they were picking up the deceased. They also refused to remove the clamp.

If you want check something neat on the topic. Do a search for Angle Grinder Man. A caped hero out in England that will come cut your boot off for you.