Tuesday, August 4, 2009

24-year-old woman ditches 85-year-old billionaire husband

When a blonde in her 20s marries an 85-year-old billionaire most people would think her life wouldn’t be more demanding than fetching him the odd glass of hot milk. But then Joe Hardy is hardly your average octogenarian. And now fed-up wife Kristin, 22, and Joe have divorced after just three months together… because of his insatiable demands for round-the-clock sex.
"He wanted sex almost all the time, but I’m just not that sort of girl," says Kristin of her Viagra-loving husband."
And Joe used to get very frustrated as I had to keep saying no to him. I just could not believe what he wanted me to do. He’d lean over while we were watching TV and grope me. That’s not how married couples behave.
"But then Joe had always been clear about exactly what he expected from his third wife… and even drew up a list. He required her to let him have a "feel of t*t" whenever he wanted, French-kiss him constantly and parade around the house in sexy underwear.
"I knew people were calling me a gold-digger, but it wasn’t like that," she says. "Joe might have been in his 80s but he had the energy of someone 40 years younger. What started out as a friendship and some fun developed into something more deep. But although I was more than 60 years younger than him, truth be told I found it hard to keep up." She moans: "But it wasn’t romantic. He just handed me the ring and said ‘here y’are’.
"Kristin, who signed a pre-nuptial agreement, is adamant that she was in love with Hardy, now 85, not his money. "I loved Joe," says Kristin, now 24. "I did not marry him for his money. People were calling me a gold-digger but that could not be further from the truth. I married for love and it is as simple as that.
’The final straw came when Joe allegedly demanded that she let a nanny look after her son, full-time. Kristin immediately moved back in with her mom. But the next day her husband sent her a sexual contract, listing what she would have to do if she came back. "Joe said I never allowed him a ‘feel of a t*t’, our sex life was ‘non-existent’ and that would all have to change. But the breaking point was him demanding again that a nanny look after Matthew so I could spend more time with him. My son meant more to be than anything. You could keep all the designer handbags, shoes and dresses. I just wasn’t interested and refused to go back."


CK D. said...

"friggin hilarious. the money quote is "That’s not how married couples behave.""

Kim said...

"...she got him for the diamonds in the safe..."