Friday, November 13, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man calls 911, asks for sex; he gets jail instead
Joshua Basso said his cell phone ran out of minutes Wednesday, so he called the one number that he knew is always free — 911 — with an unusual request.
He wanted someone to have sex with him.
When 911 operators hung up on him, he called back four times, police said.
Fifteen minutes after his last call, police arrested Basso at his home, at 4202 N Nebraska Ave., on charges of making a false 911 call. He was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail, where he remains without bail.
Basso has been arrested a dozen times in Hillsborough on charges including grand theft of a motor vehicle, violation of probation, domestic violence battery, possession of marijuana, trespassing and burglary, jail records show.
Bus hits police station
The alleged flasher being blamed for a bus crash in Hamilton is just 14-years-old.
Police say the teenager exposed himself to a fellow bus passenger, causing the terrified woman to scream.
The driver immediately drove to a nearby police station on River Rd, with the woman still screaming.
The driver stopped and opened the door, but unfortunately forgot to put the bus into neutral.
The vehicle rolled forward, crashing into the police station's entrance way.
No one was injured but the bus suffered a cracked windscreen and the building received minor damage.
Police have arrested the 14-year-old boy and charged him with carrying out an indecent act.
"John" paid to have sex with girl
A man who allegedly paid the mother of a 14-year-old girl so he could have sex with the child has been charged with sexual assault.
The child told investigators that her mother would use a cell phone to contact different men, telling them that "fresh meat" was available.
When the mother's cell phone records were reviewed, "an extensive contact list was revealed."
In addition to the sexual-assault charge, 48-year-old Mark Mathias was charged with soliciting for child prostitution as well as sexual assault — pattern of child abuse.
Prosecutors said the mother was charged earlier with pimping and pandering of a child. Her bail has been set at $200,000.
Mathias is being held on $100,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in Denver County court Wednesday to be advised of the charges.
Woman accused of raping daughter's boyfriend
Police in Bellevue, Washington have arrested a woman for allegedly raping her daughter's 14-year-old boyfriend.
The 32-year-old woman, who was arrested Thursday at her home for investigation of second-degree child rape, has not been charged.
Police spokeswoman Carla Iafrate said the crime allegedly occurred at the woman's home and was brought to the attention of police last month by state Child Protective Services workers.
Details of the alleged crime and CPS case were not available.
Nose-Less Suspected Robber Turns Self In
A man who left part of his nose behind after an alleged robbery in Tuscumbia has turned himself in.
Florence Police say 40-year-old William T. Cole turned himself in on outstanding warrants Thursday morning.
If you recall, on Monday, police say Cole broke into a home in Tuscumbia.
The homeowners were asleep and heard Cole breaking in.
There was a struggle between the victims and the suspect, in which a tip of the suspect's nose was bitten off.
The suspect only got away with $100, and left behind a big piece of evidence - his nose.
Police found the nose at the scene.

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