Saturday, January 23, 2010

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

It was no joke at security gate
In the tense new world of air travel, we're stripped of shoes, told not to take too much shampoo on board, frowned on if we crack a smile.
The last thing we expect is a joke from a Transportation Security Administration screener - particularly one this stupid.
Rebecca Solomon is 22 and a student at the University of Michigan, and on Jan. 5 she was flying back to school after holiday break. She made sure she arrived at Philadelphia International Airport 90 minutes before takeoff, given the new regulations.
She would be flying into Detroit on Northwest Airlines, the same city and carrier involved in the attempted bombing on Christmas, just 10 days before. She was tense.
What happened to her lasted only 20 seconds, but she says they were the longest 20 seconds of her life.
TSA worker pulls a baggie of white powder from a passenger's laptop bag and asks where she got it. She's in a panic. Then he tells her it was just a joke.
Really bad hair day
Woman wasn’t quick enough to scoop her doggy poop and got a faceful in return from angry homeowner
An aggrieved man decided there was only one way to teach the owner of a messy dog a lesson – to smear the offending material on her head.
A 41-year-old woman from Silkeborg, Jutland was walking home with her shopping bags when her dog ran into neighboring garden and did its dirty business.
The 68-year-old homeowner was not amused and demanded the woman clean up after her dog, but the only plastic bag the woman had to hand was the one filled with her shopping.
The woman reportedly offered to run home and return with a bag to scoop up after her dog, but the man didn’t want to hear of it.
‘He was really aggressive. He grabbed the woman by the hair, held on tight to her and rubbed the dog poop all over her head,’
Man Plays Vet, Kills Friends Dog
Deputies in Oakland Park, Florida say a man killed a friend's dog in a coffee-table operation that used a needle, dental floss and Chloroform to keep the flinching dog still.
Sheriff's deputies said the dog, a hound/retriever mix named Zoe, was staying with William Ralph Jones, 55, because the owner could not keep the dog at her home. Last week, Jones dropped the dead dog off at her home, wrapped in a white sheet with a wound sewn together.
Investigators learned Zoe had escaped from Jones' yard through a hole in a fence and suffered a 3-4 inch cut on her chest.
Jones allegedly put glue on the wound. Two days later, Zoe got loose again and the wound re-opened.
Deputies said Jones placed Zoe on a coffee table, asked his roommate for a muscle relaxant, and began to sew the wound with a needle and dental floss.
"Zoe yelped and kicked to try to free herself," the sheriff's office said. "To stop Zoe from moving, he soaked a cloth with Chloroform; a liquid formerly used as an anesthetic, and put it on her muzzle. A short time later, Zoe became still and stopped breathing."
Detectives charged Jones with two counts of felony animal abuse. They said if convicted, Jones could get 20 years in prison.
Mom forces son to kill hamster for bad grade
As punishment for bad grades, a Georgia mother forced her 12-year-old son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer, police said.
The day after he was forced to kill his pet, the child told his teacher, Meriwether County Sheriff Steve Whitlock told the AJC Thursday evening.
The teacher reported the incident to DFCS authorities, who contacted police, Whitlock said. The pet's death allegedly took place at the family's Warm Springs home.
On Friday, 38-year-old Lynn Middlebrooks Geter was arrested, Whitlock said. Geter faces one charge each of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.
Geter remained in the Meriwether County jail Thursday evening, Whitlock said. Meriwether County is located about 90 minutes southwest of Atlanta.
Geter's husband, Brad Geter, decline to comment on the incident when reached by phone Friday evening.
Man poses as cop, interferes with sex sting
A 51-year-old Detroit man was arrested for impersonating an officer after police said he interfered with a prostitution sting.
Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said in a release Wednesday that the man pulled alongside an undercover female officer on Detroit's east side, flashed a badge and yelled "get off the street." Another man who believed he was speaking with a prostitute drove away.
Napoleon said the suspect continued to follow his deputy, but sped off when she told him she was an officer. He was stopped and arrested by other deputies who found a loaded .40-caliber handgun, a Detroit police badge, hats and other clothing with police logos in his pickup.
School photo shoot spells trouble for three
A spelling prank in a class photo for more than 600 seniors in the Houston area led to suspension of three students.
Some students wore T-shirts spelling out "CLASS" as part of "Class of 2010" in a formal shot. But in a later informal shot, students representing "C" and "L" moved from the front row, leaving behind an offensive three-letter word.
Administrators at Cypress Ridge High School cited the school's code of conduct and suspended the three students for three days. The penalty began Tuesday.
Senior Austin Knight says "C and L ran off" and it's not the fault of the three students, wearing A, S and S, who also were fined $135. The money will help pay the cost of retouching the photo.
Senior Raymond Carrigan said the students were "ignorant and disrespectful."

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