Saturday, May 7, 2011

CVS robber shines judge's shoes

On Monday, William Abrons walked into the CVS store in Lauderhill with his face, arms and hands covered in gauze bandages. At the counter Abrons pulled out a silver handgun and demanded money from the pharmacy technician opened the register.
When the tech backed away from the register, the robber pulled the trigger several times, but the gun did not fire, the affidavit said.
When Abrons bolted from the store to nearby Laundromat he left behind a trail of cash.
That where cops caught up to him: In front of washer No. 39, in which he hid his silver, .22 caliber handgun.
Then, in court on Wednesday, the judge did a double-take after calling Abrons' name — he recognized Abrons as his shoeshine guy that worked in front of the courthouse.

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