Saturday, May 7, 2011

I want a new penis

Zaprian Lozanov, a Bulgarian man who had his penis chopped off by his best friend Lyubomir while he was demonstrating his martial arts skills, is to help him get a new job - so he can pay for a new manhood.
The painful incident happened at 61-year-old Mr Lozanov's flat just outside the city of Plovdiv, where the two had been getting hammered for most of the day.
Mr Lozanov's friend Lyubomir Todorov, 43, decided it would be a great idea to take a decorative - but very real and very sharp - samurai sword hanging on the wall to demonstrate his flawless control of a weapon while intoxicated.
The result was pretty much inevitable, as Mr Todorov began swiping wildly with the sword.
Our unfortunate victim picks up the story: 'He told me he was a martial arts expert - he was whizzing it around his head.
'I went to try and take it off him before he caused an accident - and then he slashed it in front of me.
'I thought he'd missed but then I felt a burning pain and collapsed. He'd sliced the sword through my trousers and lopped off my penis.'

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