Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Train passenger arrested for 16-hour phone conversation

A woman has been arrested for refusing to stop talking on her phone while traveling in a train's quiet carriage.
Lakeysha Beard was speaking loudly on her mobile phone for 16 hours on the journey between Oakland, California, and Portland, Oregon.
It seems passengers complained to train staff about Beard's chattering, but time and time again the 39-year-old chose to ignore requests for her to be quiet.
Beard then said to have been involved with a 'verbal altercation', resulting in workers for train operator Amtrack calling police to come and remove her.
The train was called to a halt at a crossing just outside Salem, Oregon, where cops boarded to remove the talkative traveler. She has now been charged with disorderly conduct.
Ms Beard said she felt 'disrespected' by the incident. She admitted to talking on her phone, but saw no reason why she should have been escorted from the train.
However, while 16 hours seems a long time to be talking on the phone, Beard still came nowhere close to the current world record.
Sunil Prabhakar of Kailash Hills New Delhi recorded a 51-hour call in September 2009, smashing the 41-hour record set by British man Tony Wright in 2007.

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