Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scammer collapses at sentencing

A 39-year-old businessman collapsed in court after the judge ignored his pleas for leniency, instead sending him to state prison for eight years for scamming three boaters. Christopher Coomes had until Tuesday to pay $70,000 in partial restitution a deal that would have staved off prison.
It was his last chance after his plea deal and he’s already been given a four-month extension. But all he had to show for his efforts was a text showing a photo of his aunt’s $20,000 deposit into defense attorney Michael Beal’s trust account at 8:45 a.m. — and there was no proof it would clear.
Collier Circuit Judge Frank Baker cut him off. “Without being mean to you, we’re here for sentencing,” Baker said.
Coomes’ wife, Erin burst into tears, followed by their young daughter, Julie. Holding her baby and her young daughter’s hand, Erin Coomes walked toward her husband to say goodbye.
But he dropped to the floor, gasping as Julie cried, “Daddy.”
Coomes lay on the floor heaving as Collier County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Walter Solomon pumped his chest and Erin Coomes and her children cried.
Coomes took in deep breaths as Solomon urged, “Breathe.”
The judge tried to reassure Coomes he hyperventilated, telling Solomon,

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