Thursday, June 9, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Geese given police escort
A Canada goose and her goslings were escorted from a busy highway in Seattle by police in three different police cars
Washington state troopers helped the gaggle to safety after motorists alerted the authorities to their presence on the busy road during the morning rush hour.
Officers closed two lanes of traffic while they guided the Canadian geese to a highway exit.
The operation took around 20 minutes, according to patrol spokesperson Julie Startup.
Woman puts up $7,200 to aid female customers
A woman with a foul mouth, fat wallet and dislikes men bought $7,200 worth of clothing for more than 50 women at a discount store in Oceanside, California.
Sixty-six-year-old Claudia Smith showed up at the Everything a Deal store in Oceanside on Tuesday night and bought $2,200 worth of clothing for just a few customers.
She lived in San Felipe, Mexico, for several years and wanted to buy things for poor Mexican women.
Hundreds of women arrived at the store in the morning and waited until Smith showed up at 4 p.m.
After her $5,000 check cleared, the store allowed 50 women to spend $100 each.
Some women blushed at the profanity Smith used to criticize men and dispense nonsensical advice.
Man opens wrong door finds pounds of pot
Authorities say a Covington, Kentucky condo owner who opened the wrong garage door by mistake found a drug stash that put two of his neighbors behind bars.
Benjamin Bingham and Nicholas Mann entered not guilty pleas Monday in Kenton Circuit Court to conspiracy to traffic in marijuana.
Police said their neighbor, Mike Finke, had just purchased a condo in the complex and went to clean out the unit's garage. When the key jammed and the lock pulled out of the wall, Finke opened the door and found two duffel bags and a suitcase containing 48 pounds of marijuana.
After Finke called police, he realized he was in the wrong garage.
Police say the garage belongs to Bingham and Mann.
People using new fountain as toilet
Officials in New London, Conn., turned off the water at the city's new waterfront fountain over the weekend, because people have been using it as a toilet.
The fountain was activated last month and features a sculpture of a whale's tail with water spilling over it, which visitors are encouraged to run through.
City Councilor Michael Buscetto III said that since the fountain opened, police have responded to calls of people urinating, defecating and showering in the fountain water. He said some people who have cut themselves have also used the fountain to rinse off blood.

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