Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ADHD Treatment Causes Young Boys to Develop Female Breasts

A drug used to treat ADHD children is causing concern in the United States.
It is called Risperdal and it is supposed to be used primarily for adults with sever psychological problems.
But last year it was prescribed more than 6.5 million times.
The side effects include young males developing female sex organs.
Nineteen-year-old John was just seven when he began taking Risperdal for ADD.
Even though the FDA approved the drug only for adult patients who were psychotic, John's doctor and others widely prescribed it to kids for less severe behaviour problems.
Once taking Risperdal, John's mum says he became aggressive, sleepy, and developed bowel problems. But the biggest shock came when he was 14 and started developing women's breasts.
"He asked me if he was a girl," she says.

This is what happens when meds replace belts as the cure for "ADD."
The Thai term for them is Ladyboys.
ADHD kid always has something to occupy himself with now.
So what do the *girls* who take Risperdal develop?
Really big knockers and extra female sex organs?
Well now he has some titties of his own to play with.
"include young males developing female sex organs"
Since when are breasts "sex organs"?
Written by a moron.


Anon Y. Mous said...

This is what we get when the law allows the doctors to receive kick-backs from the companies who manufacture the drugs they prescribe.

Dr. Phenconal said...

No, that's what happens when doctors blindly prescribe drugs not meant for that type of disorder. Also, the humor your readers seem to find in this, as well as the simpleton mindsets further demonstrates what fools live in this country and how ignorant the general public truly is.

Anonymous said...

I will go with the kick backs that arshole doctors are renowned for thanks.