Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sewage Explosion Forces Families From Homes

Several Inches Of Waste Coats Walls, Floors

A sewage explosion forced families from their mobile homes in the town of St. Martins, Missouri
A Jefferson City crew responded to a complaint about a sewer line, and they used a jet truck. But the high pressure forced raw sewage to explode inside two homes.
Several inches of waste now coats the walls and floors.
"The smell was gagging, overwhelming. If you can picture 3 inches of crap floating around on the floor, that's what it is," homeowner Tom Ahler said.
"It's repulsive. It's disgusting. Something that no one should ever have to deal with," resident Tanya Eddy said.
To make matters worse, the families said workers with Jefferson City's wastewater treatment refused to come see the damage.
Instead, the men said they were given a brochure, titled, "What To Do In Case Of Sewer Backup." The homeowners said they were told to call the city's legal department.
The homeowners hired a cleaning company, but the job couldn't be finished because the interior plumbing is clogged.
Meanwhile, families are filing claims and finding other places to stay.
I posted just a picture and maybe related on Monday, February 23, 2009
Scheme Factory said...
What a great gag!
How do I play this one on my boss?
Use a jet presure truck on your city sewer system outside your boss's house.
The high pressure will force raw sewage to explode inside homes.
Tattoo Jim said...
Just another example of how God hates mobil homes.
Tornado's and shit backup's... yep, God hates a mobil home.

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