Friday, May 15, 2009

Policeman 'kicks man in head'

A California police officer has been caught on camera apparently aiming a sharp kick at the head or neck of a suspect who has already surrendered.
The incident came at the end of a car chase through Los Angeles suburbs.
The footage shows the suspect, Richard Rodriguez, 23, trying to escape on foot, then lying down to surrender when he sees there is no escape.
One pursuing police officer kicks him, and another punches his side. The local police department is investigating.
Chase leads to cops giving suspect a boot to the head!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but the kid deserved it! he endangered hundreds of lives by his actions. A little kick to the head might make him think about doing this again. Sad thing is that now he will probably get out of jail free and get a $1million check at our expense because of it. I hate the ACLU!

Anonymous said...

Apparently he was a known gangster, ex-con, who had such a bad reputation in the neighborhood that the locals were supporting the policemen's actions.