Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woman arrested with unusual bulge in her pants

The clerk at the 7-11 in Brooksville, Florida must have done a double take when Brittany Gariepy walked to the check out counter. She had an obvious bulge in her britches where there should not be one on a woman.
The clerk suspected shoplifting and called Hernando County Sheriff's deputies. Gariepy was arrested for shoplifting a Big Mama's pickled sausage.
According to a police report the sausage was clearly visible inside her pants as she walked out of the store. Upon contact with the suspect. . . she advised that this had not occurred and that she did not steal any items. Upon looking inside her vehicle, I was able to see the wrapper of a Big Mama pickled sausage, but the item had been eaten.
Confronted with the wrapper, deputies say Gariepy confessed she'd eaten the evidence.

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Tattoo Jim said...

Hehehehehehe... Big Mama's Pickled Sausage... HEHEHEHEHEHEHE......