Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FREE Willy

Clarence Football Club bans penis flasher Tim Orchard
A soccer player who flashed his penis for several seconds on television has been suspended indefinitely from playing for his Australian Rules club.
Clarence Football Club player Tim Orchard deliberately exposed his penis in the background of a post-match dressing room interview shown on ABC television at the weekend.
Orchard has since apologized for the display, beamed live into homes around the state.
He was wearing his club jacket and trousers at the time.
Orchard was called to account for himself at a special disciplinary hearing at the Hobart club on Monday before his penalty was decided by the club's board.
"Tim Orchard (will) be suspended indefinitely and not play in any home and away or finals game in the 2009 football season," club president Richard Mulligan said.

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Anon Y. Mous said...

Seems a lil' harsh, don't you think? He only showed off his junk on live televison to millions of homes and families across the nation. It's communism I tell you!