Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pit bulls must pass a test to avoid muzzles

The Nebraska Humane Society is offering "good citizen" classes for pit bulls to allow owners to comply with Omaha's new muzzle law.
The Omaha ordinance, which takes effect in January, requires all pit bulls in the city to be muzzled in public unless they pass a canine "good citizen" test, KETV in Omaha, reported Thursday.
"They have to be able to put up with distractions, loud noise, somebody running and they have to be allowed to walk on a loose leash," trainer Cathy Guinane said of the "good citizen" test.
The Humane Society said 10 pit bulls have already taken the $10 class and passed the test allowing them to go muzzle-free. The society said about 40 dogs are currently enrolled in the class, which officials said they will continue to offer for the next several weeks.


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