Thursday, December 11, 2008

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man handcuffs his wife to the bed, loses key
Police say situation was an intimate relationship, not an imprisonment
If you love something, set it free. And if you can't, call the police. The police responded to a call Thursday morning by a Dearborn man who handcuffed his wife to their bed but misplaced the key. Police used a universal key to free the woman. Sgt. Ray Patrick said the situation was "more of an intimate relationship than an unlawful imprisonment."
Young women sleep around more than men
The average 21-year-old female has nine sexual partners compared with seven for men. The average young woman has sex three times a week but would prefer to do it five times.
Cat and 30,000 in cash left on trains
A pet cat and a bag containing 30,000 in cash were among the unlikely objects left on trains this year, according to a rail operator.
Little boys are getting their pee-pee smashed by toilet seats
Little boys are being admitted to hospital suffering crush injuries to their penises when heavy toilet seats drop on them, doctors have warned.
Fashionable heavy wooden or ceramic lavatories seats are to blame as they are more likely to fall when the lavatory is in use, urology specialists said.
Writing in the British Journal of Urology International Dr Joe Philip and his colleagues said they have seen four cases of boys under the age of four being admitted to hospital with crushing injuries to their penises.
The injuries were serious enough to require an overnight stay in hospital but did not leave lasting damage, they said.
Hell this isn't anything new every since the start putting covers on the toilet seat 40 or so years ago the problem has haunted many young males.
The seat (cover or lid) wasn't designed to put covers on them that so many females thought it made the toilet more pleasant to look at.

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